234. Ani DiFranco – “Living in Clip”

Listening to this mammoth double-CD live collection for the first time in a while, I can now explain why I don’t own several of the albums from ADF’s early career that strident DiFrancophiles (of which there are many) would consider essential.

Most of the 28 tracks on here are from said releases, and as I heard them here first (or perhaps live), I don’t feel the need to sully their memory with earlier versions.

I have seen Ani on stage at least four times, and she is one of those artists who clearly bores easily, and thus she reinterprets, re-shapes and re-imagines her back catalogue at will.  Usually, she’s on the money (although not always), and the songs become new and fresh again.

Hmmm, I feel I may have just argued the case FOR owning those older CDs, as I don’t have a strong feeling for the pre-1997 incarnations. 

The CD captures the energy, rawness and slight chaos of her live performances.  The mix often puts the vocals and the guitar too up front, however, and overindulges her typically inane banter. 

But the CD includes one of my favourite Ani ditties, 32 Flavours, which is enough reason to listen (and watch in HQ fullscreen):

File under: Let the Clip rip

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