239. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Fruit”

Here’s another recent acquisition that falls in the “reviewed” portion of the alphabet. It was a very generous birthday present that arrived in the mail in November from a long-time Danish buddy of ours (thanks Jesper).

He took a bit of a gamble sending us a random Danish outfit’s debut, but the bet was a winner.

This mob are a truckload of fun and energy.  It is big, swinging pop that sounds like it stepped right out the opening scenes of a late 60s Bond flick. 

We hear horns and keys wrapped around vocals that would do Shirley Bassey proud.  

Thus duo (plus session/live accomplices) have reportedly made a splash globally off the back of an Amy Winehouse connection and iPod ad (which I missed) and even appeared in an ad campaign down under (I need to stop muting the ad-breaks!).

Sometimes those coke-snorting marketers (and skanky chanteuses) get it very right.  This album is a party you should attend.  The songs have hooks a plenty. The vibe is fun. I want to see these guys in a live space (c’mon Aussie promoters).

I’m struggling for any comparisons here – an upbeat Portishead? A less shambolic Grates?

Give this a listen and tell me what you think:

File under: Harvest this bounty

One response to “239. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Fruit”

  1. comparisons…..? Only thing comes to my mind is: NEW school MERRY PRANKSTERS….

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