241. Ani DiFranco – “Revelling/Reckoning”

I guess if you Ani Di Franco and it’s been 16 months since your last release, then it must be time for a double album of studio tracks.

This twin-set landed in mid-2001, and I bought it, but it’s never got much rotation on my stereo.  In setting up my iPod for this week’s reviews, I discovered I hadn’t even loaded it up onto my i-Tunes, and the fancy box it came packaged in bares few marks of wear and tear.

After listening to it for much of today, I can see why.  This is a dull set of tracks that has left no impression on me.

I just stood at a photocopier for almost two hours (the glamour that is academic life!) with this playing in my ears, and I took little joy from any tracks.

The tracks are mainly acoustic efforts, but with Ani cycling through a wide range of instruments and leaning on her horn-playing buddies again.

Unfortunately its all very slow and meandering with little of the oomph of her earlier works (or her on-stage persona).

Not a single tune on here would make my ADF best-of compilation. That’s a poor strike rate for a 29 track release.

File under: I don’t reckon…

One response to “241. Ani DiFranco – “Revelling/Reckoning”

  1. I could never listen to Ani Di Franco without thinking that I’m intruding in a private, feminist world. Always made me feel self-conscious about having a penis.

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