Happy Birthday to Us!

It was a year ago today that I embarked upon this hare-brained scheme. 242 reviews later I am still going and still relishing each opportunity to listen to and reflect upon each album in my collection.

I haven’t quite delivered on my promise of “one a day”. It’s more like 0.66 a day, or 2 every 3. I will endeavour to lift my game in the coming year. If I get to 600 by year end that’ll be a great outcome.

I have been shocked by how many people pop past my neck of the Interweb. Here’s a graph of the site visits from month to month over the year. As you can see it is has really built up a solid head of steam (although I am aware a considerable portion are just folks chasing album covers – hopefully some of them/you stick around).

Thank you to everyone who reads this, and especially to those of you who choose to share your thoughts on my reviews, my shortcomings, the gaps in the collection etc. The interaction is one of the big rewards from this exercise. OK, back to the reviews now.

7 responses to “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Dear Andre. Congratulations on your first birthday! This time last year when you came up with this scheme, I had my doubts. But I’ve enjoyed it hugely and think you’re awesome for doing it. Here’s to another 365 days of talking about cds, learning about music I haven’t heard (even though it’s on our shelf) and disputing which ones to donate to the op shop! Love, Catherine.

  2. Dear Dr. Dre, Congrats on this milestone. Although I am not as frequent a visitor as I’d like, I do enjoy the reminiscing on some. I especially look forward to your future reviews of Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, if you should now have it on CD (wasn’t that the first concert we saw together?) or your review of Icehouse’s “Man of Colours” on transparent coloured vinyl. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Jord,

      Paul Simon was my indeed my first concert, and we have Graceland on vinyl and disc. As for the Icehouse album, a certain long-time ex never returned her copy of that… I have quite a few colourful records though 🙂

  3. hey Andre! Big congrats on first Bday!!! I hope u and this site get even more popularity cuz the truth is u deserve it and BIG time! …YES, a cover was that got me here at first ( ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ which I actually own since I was like 15 and it’s just stucked in my mom’s house), but I just couldn’t handle the curiosity and had to check on some reviews! This is amazing! Some Albums are Great, some I just Hate and some make me hate myself because I haven’t heard of it before… and this all I’m LOVIN it!
    Keep it up. The best Vibes from Costa Rica!

  4. Henrietta,

    In dog years, you’ve probably listened to 1600 albums already …I think. Happy b’day and best wishes on never finishing this crazy thing.

    To celebrate, i went out and bought five albums from the shop today. Don’t tell anyone, though.

  5. This is indeed a great milestone- not only are you having fun, but so are others. Q: Are those cumulative visits or actually monthly ones?

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