Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

243. Ani DiFranco – “So Much Shouting So Much Laughter”

I have seen Ani DiFranco in the live arena a number of times and she has yet to disappoint.

Even though I have not been particularly enamoured with her recent output, she has a fantastic capacity to liven them up in person. More impressively, she reshapes her classics to her new sound.

I saw her in late 2008 (I think), and she was a ball of folk-funk (although her accompanying glock did not rock – how’s that for some Dr.Suess action?).

On this double live collection Ani goes very close to showcasing her competencies. The second disc is very impressive, with jazzed up full band versions of her early classics like Dilate, Gravel, Loom and 32 Flavors.

She also belts out her most strident and robust post-911 political rant Self Evident.

This would a go-to showcase of ADF’s career if you only bought disc 2. The opening disk is pretty much disposable: mainly newer, duller work.

File under: The gal can yell