Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

244. Ani DiFranco – “Evolve”

Here we go with yet another DiFranco effort, this one listened to on a long plane flight and, again, in a hotel room in Bangkok (I’m here for the next couple of weeks).

Yet again, here’s an ADF album of more recent provenance that doesn’t get much play in my world.  Not much on here rang a bell.

The jazz-isation of her oeuvre continues.  This one adds a bit more piano action to the horns, and also a far bit of voice effects (on the backing vocals more than those up the front).

It is a lot more mellow (especially when compared to her early work and to the live recordings).

It’s all pretty inoffensive  aurally (even if she tries a little of the usual political provocation…and spits out the feline-female anatomy phrase), and makes for a pleasant chill-out listen. It didn’t send me to sleep on the plane (but little does), and she stays just on the safe side of parody in terms of her vocal quirks. She does deliver yet another another epic treatise on the state of the world – this time labelled Serpentine – and a real throughback to her pared back days.

OK, get to go sleep the noodles off now.

File under: The cover has an Intelligent Design