245. Dinosaur Jr – “Where you Been”

Fear not, I still have some more (!) DiFranco action, but here’s some rock’n’roll to appease my (and your?) restless soul.

Unlike on Bug, Dinosaur Jr launched this album out into a post-Nirvana world and on a major label.  That’s sort of interesting in a historical sense, but what it means to the listener is very little.

All that really matters is that the production levels have skyrocketed, Lou Barlow has been kicked out of the band (and is now off Sebadohing), and we are really getting J Mascis is pretty much solo mode. So, that means loads of guitar work, and those lazy stoner vocals.

It all works pretty sweetly.  This is a much for more public-friendly version of the band’s sounds, with no vocal histrionics to scar off the uninitiated .  If anything the sound here is much closer to the more electric Neil Young-stuff (sorry, I’m far from an expert/fanboy in explained which part of his much-storied career).

Mascis has one of the voices that sucks me in, fractured and wavering over lyrics that sound profound even if they probably aren’t.  This still feels like the soundtrack to some mid-90s film about useless, self-absorbed, pontificating slackers (folks that might be bloggers now?).  And this tune would be over the opening credits:

File under: Going the right direction

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