Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

246. Ani DiFranco – “Educated Guess”

So here’s album #12 from  my DiFranco library.

Many of you may be asking “why would one own so many different albums from one artist?”.  I certainly have been.

The more recent albums have often been bought in some bout of consumerism (i.e. I’ve been at JB HiFi and uncertain what would satisfy my musical craving).  There is so much material in Ani’s catalogue and she releases new albums so frequently, that she has become my retail equivalent of a “booty call”.

Alas, like most habits of excess, there are diminishing returns (i.e. less and less buzz) with each new foray.

Seeking a reminder of what I was in for with this album, I was exciting by this blurb claiming was Ani’s first real solo effort in a decade.  I was imaging some return to one lady and her guitar.

But, of course, Ani is now a big time multi-instrumentalist (and recording wiz), so we get a full-sounding effort with multi-tracked vocals.  If you’d never heard anything else from her, you’d probably be very taken with her verbosity, neat spoken word thang, and the NYC-in-the-good-old-days reminisces.

I was less so… I’ll just reminisce for the golden days of her recording output.

File under: A lot of education is also dangerous