Daily Archives: January 10, 2010

247. Ani DiFranco – “Reprieve”

After a perhaps unlucky 13 reviews we have reached the end of my (and your) Ani DiFranco odyssey.  Spanning two decades of my blogging time it is has been part joy, part chore.

The woman is certainly prolific and there has not been a huge variation in quality or ingenuity across the baker’s dozen of albums.

My level of engagement and amour has varied considerably, however, as I’ve wrestled with the challenge of keep an open mind under the barrage of new compositions.

I am positive I had not listened to this album at all since picking it up cheap in some second-hand store a year or so ago.  So, the past day has been an immersion in Ani’s musings on the state of the world and the state of her mind.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the opus.  There is a slightly different mix of musical vs spoken word, an engaging tale about Hiroshima (inspiring the album cover), and some nice gentle guitar work.  It is very much at the sedate, sombre end of her musical spectrum… but worth giving a listen.

And thus I am granted a reprieve.  Goodnight Ani…

File under: Part delight, part respite