248. Dinosaur Jr – “Without a Sound”

So I sat listening to this third and final Dinosaur Jr album while in a hospital waiting room today.  Why I was there is not particularly important (but fear not dear readers, I was not the ailing one, nor is the patient in question in any bad way).

It was amusing, however, was that said album opens with a very appropriately titled track – Feel The Pain.  Said tune is a classic J. Mascis effort, with a killer (but simple) riff and languid vocal.  In the spirit of the doctor-filled setting of this review, it also is one of the rare alt-rock classics to feature a golf-themed video clip (see below).

I’d forgotten how well this album opens, with the lovelorn I Don’t Think So second in the order.  This masterful portrayal of masculine pain demonstrates how Mascis shares that finely-balanced of  vulnerable yet axe-wielding and dirty-haired angle that Kurt Cobain portrayed so well.

To follow this with a track like Yeah Right which is a very frank description about an ambivalent relationship is brilliant sequencing.

The rest of the album is not as engaging, but still a nice contrast with the earlier two for the relatively sedate and measured sound.

Here’s that golf-cart flick:

File under: A sneaky treat


One response to “248. Dinosaur Jr – “Without a Sound”

  1. A strangley fond memoryof this album from 15 years ago is lying ill in bed with Feel the Pain on repeat… probably gives the song a higher status in my own head than it deserves, but music is often about the time and splace…

    A more recently fond memory was singing the tune on Band Hero with my neice hitting the plastic guitar hard in support. Not a great singalong song, but good to see that these games are not all based on Abba and Beyonce songs.

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