Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

249. Disaster Plan – “Evacuation Centre”

It has been almost a month since I reviewed an Aussie album, so it was a treat to hear that familiar accent today.

This was an early album from a relatively obscure but quite long-lived Antipodean outfit.  I’m sure I picked this up at some sale, as I can’t remember ever seeing these guys live.

The band had a reputation for evocative soundscapes, in the vein of compatriots Sodastream.  Thankfully these guys aren’t quite as soporific or difficult as the home-seltzer-honouring duo.

If anything, they are a little more ballsy – like Gersey or Gaslight Radio. It’s not exactly a laughfest nor could I see anyone doing anything beyond swaying to the tunes herein. But the album is a grower, with the soft-loud dynamic (driven by guitar and drum bursts) lodging itself in the psyche over an afternoon.

A dry, country property or inner-city verandah, a beer, a comfy chair and a day/sunset to contemplate (or, indeed, a blank mind welcoming of some illustrative lyrics) – all these ingredients would be complemented well with this disc.

File under: No need to panic, no harm here