Daily Archives: January 15, 2010

251. The Dixie Chicks – “Top of the World Tour: Live”

From one politically conscious artist to another…

This double live release surfaced in our collection care of my missus’ adventurous purchasing.  I presume she has heard good things from her twang-loving mother (who, unlike us, has a country music TV channel at her regular disposal).

I was all prepared to get all sarcastic in this review, mocking the earnestness and schmaltz of stadium country-rock.

But I have to be honest and say this album was a lot better than I expected.  The trio have a good ear for a hook, and deliver some pretty palatable tales of life in struggletown.

There is a strong leaning towards the “Joe went off fight in a war and now he kicks the dog” sentiment, but, hey, that is the experience of many in the white trash community, and these gals pull the right heartstrings.

The sound quality and musicianship on here is pretty slick too.  I’m not sure I’d necessarily be rushing out to see them on the big stage, but I won’t  necessarily flick channels next time I’m watching CMT at the in-laws.

File under: Worth whistling