262. Eagles of Death Metal – “Death By Sexy”

This is the first album I’ve reviewed that was inspired by a visit to my local barbers. It was on heavy rotation there for quite a while.

There is a lot to like about this album from the mustachioed lads of EoDM. There’s the very rock cover-art to start with. And the great title.

The opening track is brilliant too. I defy any listener to not be belting out “I want you so hard” by the third time the chorus comes around:

And then there is the wonderfully ironic band name. Of course, these guys are not death metal at all. Indeed they do to said genre what The Eagles did to rock… made a mockery of it.

This is pure bubble-gum, hair-rock of the T-Rex variety. It’s all about the strut, the silly lyrics and the sex. The album never hits the heights of the opening track, but there is enough one here to keep it spinning.

This band reportedly has a huge female following, especially in the live arena. If this is what gets the ladies excited, then count me in.

File under: I must be a mass-murderer


One response to “262. Eagles of Death Metal – “Death By Sexy”

  1. I had a similar experience with this one – blaring in the car for several weeks but now I find myslf skipping through it more often on the ipod…. I think it will return to my much love category later on ……

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