263. Fred Eaglesmith – “Lipstick, Lies and Gasoline”

A few years back the missus returned from a Kasey Chambers show dolloping praise aplenty upon the support act – a Canadian solo artist who sang a killer track about white trash, and several more about trucks and drinking.

Being a Valentine of some standing, I have thus bought a couple of Fred Eaglesmith (for that was the artist in question) albums over the years as presents for my beloved.

We’ve yet to encounter that specific trailer-park chronicle she fell for, but we’ve certainly heard many tracks about alcohol and big rigs, along with odes to road vehicles of other dimensions.

Fred delivers dark country ballads with sufficient humour to break up the misery (I think I’ve just defined good country music). This album from 1997 has the requisite bragging about driving fast (105), cars (Pontiac), owning a gun (Seven Shells), needing a gun (Time to Get a Gun), and dangerous lives (Alcohol & Pills).

The guitar work is restrained and atmospheric, the vocals heartfelt. I like it. We should own more from this man, and should go see him when he’s next in town.

And, breaking news, in looking for a vid for this review, I found the illusive White Trash track, and it’s home album (and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner!):

File under: Pucker up and listen to this

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