Daily Archives: February 5, 2010

265. Justin Townes Earle – “The Good Life”

Taking a sneak peek forward along the CD rack it is country and/or western as far as the eye can see (I do have poor vision however).

Indeed, I’m thinking I should go buy a pickup truck this weekend, acquire a mangy lookin’ hound, knock out my front teeth and develop a (more serious) drinking problem.

One dude who has certainly nurtured a bottle (and syringe) or two in his past is Justin Townes Earle. That shouldn’t be a big shock if you’ve read his dad, Steve’s bio. He’s the output of Steve’s third marriage (of seven!).

What is whackier is the throwback angle of JTE. His rebellion was to ignore post-war country music and embrace very old-school bluegrass.

Oh, and what a warm embrace it’s proved to be. It is like Hank Williams resurrected from his 1953 overdose, had a listen to a couple of Steve’s CDs and said “nah, I was better”. Tracks like Hard Livin’ and What Do You Do When You’re Lonesome are bluegrass masterpieces that’ll get you slapping your thigh and chewin’ tabaccie in no time:

Sure, at times this sounds like old Dad, but even that is a nice place to be.

File under: Felicity Kendall would dig this