266. Justin Townes Earle – “Midnight at The Movies”

You might recall that at the turn of the decade I declared JTE’s 2009 performance in Melbourne as in my top 2 live shows of the year.

He was touring his sophomore full-lengther which I subsequently picked up on luscious vinyl.

The stand out tracks at the gig where his old-time, borderline rag-time tunes, his natty garb, and adorable southern twang.

He has the rare combo of a humble swagger, and an ability to pen bittersweet, back-handed lovesongs.

This album has all of that. As with his debut, I much prefer what, if I were a business school wanker, I might call his core competencies or point of difference – namely the traditional stuff.

Having said that, his more modern material has stepped up several notches in quality. He is more evocative, more confident and stepping further out of his pa’s shadow.

I bought tickets this week to his upcoming return visit to Melbourne, with a former Drive-By Trucker in tow. I’m excited and expect to see you all there.

File under: A back-row beauty

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