Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

269. Steve Earle – “El Corazón”

My Steve Earle collection is surprisingly sporadic.  Here I jump forward four albums.

The leap is a fun one though.  Unlike the scarily skewed Copperhead Road, this is a complete album that keeps delivering from start to finish.

The opener (Christmas in Washington) is a fantastic slow burn lamenting the loss of genuine lefties from US politics.  I’m sure Toby Ziegler would sing along (embarassingly).

The pace picks up for Taneytown, a ‘be careful where you go’ tale – a theme that reappears on the super-catchy Telephone Road, and is twisted the other direction in the inspiring (for travellers) NYC.

Earle seems less constrained by musical conventions here.  Rather than being just a country-rock, or acoustic-country or bluegrass effort, this album leaps about with confidence and enthusiasm.

Mandolins fire on some tracks (such as the delightful I Still Carry You Around).  Others are much rockier (NYC). Many are humourous.  You Know the Rest is a songwriter at complete ease with his abilities.

This is the album I put on to demonstrate than Earle is much more than that Copperhead Road song that I like to butcher.  It also showcases how vital and exciting roots music (for want of a better term) can be.

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