269. Steve Earle – “El Corazón”

My Steve Earle collection is surprisingly sporadic.  Here I jump forward four albums.

The leap is a fun one though.  Unlike the scarily skewed Copperhead Road, this is a complete album that keeps delivering from start to finish.

The opener (Christmas in Washington) is a fantastic slow burn lamenting the loss of genuine lefties from US politics.  I’m sure Toby Ziegler would sing along (embarassingly).

The pace picks up for Taneytown, a ‘be careful where you go’ tale – a theme that reappears on the super-catchy Telephone Road, and is twisted the other direction in the inspiring (for travellers) NYC.

Earle seems less constrained by musical conventions here.  Rather than being just a country-rock, or acoustic-country or bluegrass effort, this album leaps about with confidence and enthusiasm.

Mandolins fire on some tracks (such as the delightful I Still Carry You Around).  Others are much rockier (NYC). Many are humourous.  You Know the Rest is a songwriter at complete ease with his abilities.

This is the album I put on to demonstrate than Earle is much more than that Copperhead Road song that I like to butcher.  It also showcases how vital and exciting roots music (for want of a better term) can be.

File under: I ♥  this

2 responses to “269. Steve Earle – “El Corazón”

  1. You know, besides the fact that you appear to have ditched your Colourblind James Experience collection and make out as if nothing is wrong, I’ve generally enjoyed your blog. And this my friend, shows that you’ve got your finger on the pulse. This is a go to album. Be it you’re angry, lonely, forlorn, opinionated or generally just musical, this album hits all the buttons. I consider it a must in any music lovers collection and have special memories as it formed the soundtrack to some of my life lived in Ireland. I could put Forth Worth blues on to make me sad or bouyant any day of the week.

  2. There is a bunch of albums here. Some are in my collection too.
    If the collection need another album, check this one:

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