271. Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band – “The Mountain”

Steve Earle does like his genre jumps. He’s not a complete chameleon and he doesn’t venture too far, but he does transform considerably within the ‘roots’ domain.

Here he justifies his facial hair with a deep dive into the world of bluegrass and general folkiness.

He teams up with McCoury crew, a posse of slack-jawed fiddlers, banjoists and tin-whistlerians.

These yokels (for I envisage them as Cletus from The Simpsons and his inbred clan) strum up a storm. It’s like one big barndance.

Steve holds nothing back, embracing all the genre’s B-roll of imagery. Look kiddies, there’s an Irish immigrant…and a miner’s miserable life… And an alluring lass breaking a farmboy’s heart and leading him a hanging death.

I’m a sucker for a tune about steam trains. And this set kicks off with one. Yeeee Haaaaa.

File under: Get ya yokel vocals here folks


One response to “271. Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band – “The Mountain”

  1. i love this gets me all emotin’ for some reason, makes me reminisce about my time down the kentucky coal mines and when I fought in the US civil war. I have always liked it and a couple of years ago some dude with a banjo at a weekend away pretty much knew the whole album and took my many requests as we got wasted sitting round the fire…… very nice. I drive to it often, cant say the same for any other bluegrass.

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