Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

272. Steve Earle – “Transcendental Blues”

Sorry for the lull in my reviewing. I was over in South Australia for a few days sans my iPhone headphones.

As a result I was stuck with that folk standard Bound for South Australia rattling around my head. There is something slighly apt with that choice, as Steve Earle has definitely got folkier over the years.

This collection of tracks sees mandolin and plenty aplenty, and more tunes about the bountiful charms of Irish womenfolk (this time a Galway Girl).

The album is a pretty strong compadré to the mighty El Corazón, but doesn’t quite hit those heights. It is a slightly more morose effort, with more subdued slower efforts.

Earle does tend to spoil his listeners, and one can get blasé about the subtletly and beauty of his songwriting and performances.

I had the pleasure of catching the sobered up, portly ’00s version of Earle live in Byron Bay a few years ago (and was also too timid to have a chat to him when I spied him alone in a pub with a soda and book) and he was a consumate performer.

…although perhaps not up to The Dubliners standard!

File under: Not Transvision Vamp