274. Richard Easton – “Boganvillea”

This is the debut long-player from a Perth bloke with a pretty sweet voice, and a solid bunch of backing musicians.

Easton went on to record for the auspicious Candle label, but his sound was pretty much in place with this release.

He isn’t as acoustic or poppy as his Candle brethren.  If anything, he’s closer to the jangly guitar of fellow Perthites The Church and The Stems, although he doesn’t quite have their pop sensibilities either.

This is pretty mellow, contemplative stuff.  The lyrical content is pretty standard fare (that little issue of love etc.), although Easton does a good job of making the everyday seem a little more familiar and magical at the same day. His tribute to the Sandman panel van is probably not what most bogans would be expecting. His tirade against the plant in the album title is strident and reminiscent of some of my recent gardening adventures.

The guitar work is effective, and the gentle sundry sounds (bass, some keyboards/organ/accordion) envelope and complement his voice very warmly.

There aint much on here that jumps out and grabs your attention, but likewise, it gels together neatly.  I’ve enjoyed having it wash over me as I’ve worked away today.

File under: Aromatic and pretty (but avoid skin contact with the sap and thorns)

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