276. Richard Easton – “Tallulah O’Shay”

After his low-key but promising debut, Mr Easton trekked east to Melbourne and joined the Candle Records album.

He brought with him this more fully formed follow-up. While it still ain’t exactly AC-DC in terms of aural mass, a lot of the empty spaces have been filled. The new sounds are atmospheric additions, such as strings.

It means a bit more of the soft-loud-soft rhythms than previously.
Easton has got more ambitious in his song-writing too. Here’s where the Candle appeal is most obvious, as he taps into the ‘everyday adventures’ and sardonic melancholy schtick.

When he gets it right it is very good. Wake Up captures the uncertainty and the ebb and flow of a nascent love in five minutes. Indeed, it may the best ode to a girl named Kelly since Woody serenaded said female on Cheers:

When Rich gets lazy it is woeful, however. His whistling cover of Big Country is painful twaddle.

File under: Whistling’s lame mm’kay

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