277. Richard Easton – “From Darkan To Narrogin And Jupiter”

I have spent the past four hours doing some mind-numbingly boring data entry stuff for a research project.

While doing so I had this third album from Easton playing away. 

Unfortunately, it did nothing at all to alleviate the boredom.

It did distract me a number of times, as I was convinced my iPod was having drama and playing the same track repeatedly.  That was the case early on, but from then on the issue lay with the recording itself.

Easton seems to have jettisoned any attempt at creativity, and instead has written six tunes that sound pretty much the same (plus 3 little instrumental segues).  I’m not quite sure this even qualifies as an album.

The track themselves are all slow, vocal and guitar efforts.  There isn’t much energy or oomph.

Perhaps, Richard conceived of this as a concept album of sorts.

I don’t get it.

File under: From here to the bin

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