281. Cat Power – “Jukebox”

You may recall I was pretty dismissive of Chan Marshall’s The Greatest album. Nevertheless I did pick up her follow-up a couple of months back, and it is thus due for a review.

This time she’s doing the Rod Stewart thing and covering some old standards. So, here we get slightly sultry takes on New York, New York, Blue and Rambling Woman (amongst others).

She (if feel comfortable over-using the personal pronoun here, as she has embraced feline parenthood) makes each song her own.

Of course, that means each sounds pretty much the same.

It’s all delicate (but powerful) vocal over slow, loungy piano. This is fantastic background music. In fact, I can’t imagine how it could come to the foreground in any fashion.

If I walked into a late night bar and some chanteuse was crooning in this fashion, I’d be very happy to sup my drink and let the tunes act as a backdrop to much more interesting thoughts. I wouldn’t rush to see the tracks belted out in a concert venue, however. I recall many of these covers being the lowlights when I saw her live back in 2008.

File under: Save your coins

One response to “281. Cat Power – “Jukebox”

  1. This isn’t my favourite Cat Power- “The Covers Album” (released a decade earlier) is a much better set. But it is seductive and a pretty solid set.

    I give her credit on her selection and reworking of the songs for the albums and that lovely voice.

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