282. Eels – “Daisies of the Galaxy”

So, Mark of the Eels did get out the other side of his grieving, to regain his more poppy demeanour.

Now the Eels’ versions of pop isn’t all rainbows and lollipops.  It is still pretty dark and obtuse.  And this album contains a fair amount of shade vs light.

When Everett and his buddies nail it, they can really deliver a Beck-esque gem or three (Tiger in My Tank, Grace Kelly Blues, Mr E’s Beautiful Blues).  The collision of sounds, such as tinkly keys and sampled rhythms, are truly joyous (especially on Tiger…).

Much of this album is pretty unformed however.  Everett clearly has some great ideas and a quirky lyric book, but it often feels like he got a bit bored at the execution stage.  He neglects to put the hook in, instead looping a phrase in (perhaps) the hope that repetition will bring recall.

But, as I said, when he constructs a winning single, he makes it look so damn easy (I apologise in advance for the Stifler sightings in the clip):

File under: Push the little daisies

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