285. Mark Eitzel – “Caught in a Trap and I Can’t Back Out ‘Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby”

I have presented a rather crudely formed thesis over various reviews: that there may be an inverse relationship between album title length and quality therein. 

Album cover caught in a trap Mark Eitzel  CDLike in the sentence above, verbosity can often be a lead indicator of pretentiousness and self-indulgence. 

As such, this release from Eitzel ran the risk of being a real (hound) dog, given the lengthy Elvis-nodding moniker.

Thankfully, Eitzel has the class (and the buddies) to pull it off.  He leans on a Sonic Youth-er and Yo La Tengo-ite to help him construct luscious, full-bodied, yet stark tales. 

Eitzel pulls out as much imagery as these bare-boned tracks can handle.  Only occasionally does he tip over into the trite (e.g. by dropping the term “chapeau” as if it is something one might say regularly). 

The tracks swing between intimate acoustic numbers, and more fuzz-backed electric efforts.  Each type work.  One track in particular, Cold Light of Day, should be a better-known tune.  It build beautifully and has a chorus any songwriter would kill for.

So, my thesis is dashed for now, but I’m happy to have given this CD the spins it deserved.

File under: Keep an open (not suspicious) mind

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