286. Missy Elliott – “Supa Dupa Fly”

Here’s the companion CD to my earlier Da Brat review. For those of you disinclined to follow my link, the story is that one Xmas I purchased my missus a couple of different CDs by female rappers.

Album Cover Missy Elliott Supa Dupa FlyDa Brat is a hardened criminal, whereas Missy is only dabbling in Misdemeanours (according to her moniker at least).

She is certainly less hardcore, rhyming over slower grind rhythm. She’s got that stoner rap thing going on (but without the hilarity and audacity of Cypress Hill).

Missy does have some cool, and useful, accomplices – namely Busta Rhymes and über-producer Timbaland. The latter lays down some sufficiently varied beats to make this laid back effort not seem too lazy. Busta’s role is a little less important. He seems to be just there to introduce the main act, and to thank us for listening.

There is a lot of promise on this album, but a Elliot doesn’t quite deliver, as she too often resorts to more groove than rhyme. When she gets it right, particularly when we she gets a catchy enough old sample to play with, the result is good listening:

File under: Hit ’em with old Peabo


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