289. Eminem – “Encore”

Listening to Eminem persistently can have a bizarre effect on one’s brain.

The sheer speed of his rhymes tends to speed up my synapses.  Or maybe it just reduces my attention span.  I certainly am starting to feel like I might share his  ADD tendencies.

His anger and frustrations are a little contagious too.  I have a felt a little fiestier in recent days than I probably should be.

As always, Eminem swings back and forth between rabid and ribald on this album.

He continues to be a little over-obsessed with his position in the world of rap and fame.  Thankfully, he does concede his whininess on Evil Deeds. He offers neat insights into his entrée into rapping on Yellow Brick Road. He also brings us into the whacky world of rappers whacking each other on Toy Soliders.  Gotta be happy about a tune that samples Martika too…

However, the most memorable efforts on here are his most juvenile.  I giggle like a naughty tween to both Big Weenies and the hilariously stupid Ass Like That. Turn this up in your workplace and guarantee a visit from your Harassment Officer:

File under: Puerile from Eight Mile

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