294. Fatboy Slim – “Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars”

I certainly haven’t spun this disk as often as its hit-laden predecessor over the past decade or so.

That’s a shame, because it’s a considerably stronger album in terms of consistency of sound and approach. Gone is the (very successful) inclusion of somewhat gimmicky power-tracks padded out with run-of-the-mill electronic doodles.

Here we see Fatboy adopted an approach more a like a happy hybrid of Moby and The Chemical Brothers. We get the funk/gospel vocal samplings of the former, plays the hardcore squelchy electronica of the latter.

There certainly aren’t the big crossover hits of Fatboy’s last effort, but there are a lot more tracks that I’m happy to hear and hear again.  This would much better as a party album, as the diversity of sounds and rhythms keep interest levels high.

His guest vocalists deliver the goods.  Macy Gray performs the most memorable stuff that I can recall from her.  Love Life and Demons are sultry chillout tracks. Unfortunately, Bootsy Collins is wasted (as in ‘not put to good use’… I’m sure he probably fitted other definitions to, but that’s not unfortunate) on the very weak single on here – Weapon of Choice – a track that was inexplicably given a great Christopher Walken vid:

File under: Surprisingly stellar


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