295. Fatboy Slim – “Live on Brighton Beach”

As someone raised on bands with guitars, drums, mikes etc, the notion of a ‘live’ album from a DJ has always seemed a bit wierd.  But then I have paid to see said artist ‘in concert’ (and I bought this here album), so obviously it wasn’t too much of a conundrum.

Playing live here means DJing, spinning in tracks from other artists plus some knob twiddling. 

The tunes Norman Cook pulls out of his enormous pile of record crates are a mix of the very familiar and the much less so (again, to these undancey ears).

Basement Jaxx‘s Where’s Your Head It sounds as great as always, as does Underworld‘s Born Slippy.

Fatboy delivers the sort of slick mix and ear-catching samples that you’d expect from a world-class DJ.

As I become an increasingly sedentary, wine-supping, comfy-chair-occupying old bloke, I have less and less need for dance music, but this collection still sounds very good pumping out a car stereo (I just don’t have the requisite sub-woofer, bass, spoiler combo of the younger crowd).

File under: A romp comp

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