296. The Fauves – “Future Spa”

My earliest memories of The Fauves was of a band with a predilection for wrapping themselves in clingwrap and for on-stage nudity (but I may be confusing them with some other Melbourne-based band of the early-90s).

The band then got somehow less marginal and arty, and more radio-friendly.  The breakout singles where on this release.

Singing tunes about the joys of masturbation (Self Abuser), drinking (Tying on One), and dogs (Dogs are the Best People) was bound to tickle the fancy of our national ‘youth broadcaster’.

Thankfully the tracks in question are clever, rocking and bear up under many, many listens.

These guys are students of the rock form, delivering mid-paced indie-rock built around plenty of riffs, and wordy but erudite lyrics.

Thematically this album is all about the joys of youth, and in particular male teenagerdom (and perhaps the arrested development of one’s 20s).  So it’s skateboards, boxing, talking crap about music (Understanding Kyuss, Everybody’s getting a 3 piece together) and the aforementioned odes to recreation. It’s never quite clear whether the band might just be taking the piss out of male foibles, but, irrespective it’s a solid collection of very Australian, very 1990s, very fun tracks. Here’s the one I could find a clip for:

File under: Very luxuriating (if you don’t think about where the bubbles come from)

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