298. The Fauves – “Thousand Yard Stare”

It’s weird when an album from a decade ago coincides so directly with today’s headline.

This 2000 album from the Fauves includes a track Every TV Star Has A Dark Side… and then we hear that the bloke from ‘Hey Dad’ might have been adding an anguished exclamation mark to the show’s title with his young co-stars.

That is perhaps the only contemporary aspect of this recording. The band made a bizarre leap into the world of clunky keyboard backing, often sounding more like TISM or even Jesus Jones.

Behind the synths and riffs is the usual reliable, erudite and memorable songwriting. Indeed, this is perhaps the strongest set of tracks from the band in terms of lyrical content. Write What You Know, First Day on The Run, Going for my Blue Belt are all clever variations on the usual rock fare.

Alas, there is the stench of desperation behind the more single-like tracks on here, with excessive gimmick use.  It’s a shame, as the Give Up Your Day Job and Medium Pacer would work better unadorned, while Celebrate the Failure was the perfect lead-in track to the impending Sydney Olympics opening ceremony: click here for the very cool clip.

File under: Don’t avoid eye contact


5 responses to “298. The Fauves – “Thousand Yard Stare”

  1. Hello random internet person
    I have a bit of an odd request, but perhaps you can indulge me
    my copy of Thousand Yard Stare has gone missing (i suspect, stolen, but thats not something to get into) and while i still have the entire CD saved to my original Xbox, i cannot get it back off from there, and its rather awkward connecting it up every time i want to give it a listen. neither the Fauves themselves, nor Itunes, have the CD available (particularly frustrating as nearly all the others seem to be on Itunes, just not the one i want), nor does the local public library (where i think i’d seen a copy once before) and while amazon has two listed available from second hand venders, they are asking $75+, which is a bit beyond my means.
    I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out in re-acquiring the songs in some way
    either by lending me the CD so that i may re-copy it, send me the MP3s, or if need be, sell me your copy
    thank you kindly, and good luck with your quest

  2. Why not email the band? I reckon they’d probably be able to help out a fan. (http://www.thefauves.com/)

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