300. Ibrahim Ferrer – “Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer”

How appropriate that a review with a nice, big round number like 300 should deal with a little man who hit some big numbers himself.

Buena Vista Social Club presents Album Ibrahim Ferrer CDIbrahim Ferrer’s is one of those cinderella stories of success finally coming to someone who had been cruelly ignored much of his performing life (We’ll see various others from the blues domain in later reviews).

Ferrer was, of course, one of the Cuban elders who Ry Cooder had the good judgement to bring together for the Buena Vista SC sessions. He was the guy with the great emotive voice, and the coolest smile, from the associated film.

He reportedly is/was a bolero singer.  Now, I am mightily ignorant of such matters, but I assume this has very little to do with Bo Derek nudity or even those little jackets that pop in and out of fashion.

What I do know is that I am typically mesmerised by his vocals, that everything sounds like burgeoning love or inconsolable heartbreak, and that this CD will continue to get spun around our place whenever we want to seem a little more sophisticated at dinner parties, and when I just want some gorgeous, slow-paced but upbeat soundtrack to my lounging.

Here he is:

File under: Living la vida buena

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