307. The Flaming Lips – “Hit to Death in the Future Head”

Like much of the Western world I jumped on board the Flaming Lips Express after their 2002 …Robots album.  At a gig on that tour I picked up a three pack of their earlier stuff.  This is the first of those three albums.

This is a surprising album.  I approached it with some trepidation, given that the standard backstory to Wayne Coyne and co seems to be that they have always been a little self-indulgent and unpredictable, and that they only really got their shit together in the 2000s.

I was therefore fearing some Butthole Surfers-type doodling.  Instead, I found an album that sounds more British shoegazer than Oklahoma tripsters.

With swirling, layered guitars providing rhythms for swirling, layered vocals, some of the tracks on here (e.g. The Magician vs. the Headache) would feel right at home on a Ride or Swervedriver release (both are compliments).

The album is consistently interesting and Coyne gets some interesting sounds going.  Now, if only they hadn’t included that 29 min hidden dirge loop at the end, I’d like it more…

I will need to delete said track from my iTunes.

File under: Justifiable battery   

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