315. Liz Flynn – “Hush”

Wow, I feel a little daunted now that the artist in questions read my last review so quickly.  But risking life and reputation is just part of the hard-edged reviewer lifestyle I guess.

Liz does not need to fear some caustic slag-off of her sophomoric effort anyway.

Sure, as per usual, I don’t love it with the same intensity and unreservedness as her debut. That’s par for the course with me and my short-attention span and tendency to create unbending expectations.

This album is more mature than its predecessor, but not in a no-laughs, put on your seat-belt and stop having fun way.  Liz is writing at a more intensely personal level, with a clear theme of love lost and lessons learnt.  The sound has lost a little of the youthful funk, and a more country tone is explored on a few tunes, and its jazzier elsewhere.

The songs feel more crafted. The singing is more confident, and lush. Broken Heart Glue is one of those rare bittersweet but funny break up songs that justifies the album purchase alone.

My astute spouse described this album today as wonderful ‘falling asleep music’.  I know she means that in the very positive lullaby sense of the title…

File under: Quietly lush

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