Daily Archives: May 17, 2010

316. T-Model Ford – “She Ain’t None of Your’n”

It is about time we had some more blues action on this blog.

Blues is exactly the sort of music that I feel a strong pull towards on a sporadic basis.  This compulsion isn’t necessarily reflective of my seeking to wallow in self-pity, but rather the need for some vitality and warmth.

And the blues I’m usually after sounds a hell of lot like this CD.

Mr. Ford (and I feel he warrants such respect given he started recording in his 70s and still rocks along as he approaches 90) delivers very grungy, rural blues. It is tempting to call it old school, yet it doesn’t sound like it was recorded direct to ‘cylinder’ (i.e. it aint Blind Willie McTell or Robert Johnson). It’s just pared back and lo-fi.

It is funny, and slightly raunchy, with T’s entendres including “wood cutting”, and something about chicken heads:

The classic riff-vocal-riff of Leave My Heart Alone is blues personified, while the deceptively simple rhythms of the opener She Asked Me So I Told Her showcases the clever vocal pacing skills of this veteran.

This is perhaps the strongest of the old-bloke CDs I have from the much-to-love Fat Possum Record label.

File under: Blues is the new black