319. The Folk Implosion – “Take a Look Inside…”

I clearly need to listen to that Roosevelt Franklin album more closely as my alphabet seems a bit rusty.  I skipped over a chunk of the FOs in my collection as I rushed to blues-soul-funk trifecta of my past three reviews.

I thus missed a very white boy – Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr/Sebadoh etc fame – and another of his dalliances. I threw this in the CD player well aware that it was lo-fi chicanery from the otherwise rocky Barlow.

What I’d forgotten about was how blatantly underwhelming this album is.  It really sounds like a couple of blokes in the middle of writing some new tunes, but a couple of rooms away.  There are little snatches of possibility amongst the dross. Barlow’s voice is still somewhat alluring, and one or two tracks (e.g. Had to find out) the guitar work hints at a hook.

But there is really not enough here to warrant listening again.  And with the fourteen tunes only adding up to 22 or so minutes of listening pleasure you’ll feel very shortchanged.

File under: Look away now


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