320. The Folk Implosion – “Dare to Be Surprised”

There’s some bloke in the bible called Lazarus whose name gets invoked whenever someone upsets expectation and returns alive and kicking.

I’m note sure that exact imagery or parallel should be drawn here, as, while  the first incarnation of The Folk Implosion certainly seemed dead in the water, there was always that awareness that Lou Barlow had a strong songwriting pedigree.

Here, along with his collaborator John Davis, he delivers a much more pleasing, captivating, soothing set of ditties.

It is all still pretty lo-fi, but with some thought given to the listener. I guess we’re still listening through the wall, but they’ve given us a comfy couch to recline on.

It turns out these guys had some minor mainstream hit in between the two albums (some song from the Kids soundtrack).  Maybe that got them thinking about hooks and the like.

The vibe is chilled drums, atmospheric guitar, warm vocals, slowly building and swirling.  It’s a little like the quieter stuff the Shins were lauded for almost a decade later.

Barlow has a voice that gets to me, and on tracks like Barricade, Burning Paper and Checking In it is perfectly matched with the sounds around it.

File under:Who dares wins

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