322. Fred Astereo – “I Love You”

No, I haven’t dived back to the letter A. Fred Astereo is the band’s name.

This is one of the many incarnations of Melbourne’s very creative Stanley Paulzen (also of Tlot Tlot and later Ruck Rover fame). Anyone who has ever encountered him belting out a tune will have a strong recollection of a few characteristics:

– He has a sense of humour that is corny yet from left field

– He seems deliberately uncommercial yet is poppy as all hell

– He has a timeless quality bordering on vaudevillean

This incarnation is where he puts all of that on display. The sound is very much cocktail hour. So crooning one minute, cheesy country the next, and some tunes that sound like they may have prompted flappers dancing in the 1920s. I’m not sure I’ve explained that very well at all. Have a look at this clip (by the way Stan’s the guy in the chair at the very start):

This album is chock full of hummable gems, all nerdy tales of love in various guises. That’s Maths brings asthma into romance. Robot Girl takes love beyond human-to-human, as does the bizarre Egg. How Many Brides? makes country seem way too easy.

Buy this album.

File under: Love songs for the weird at heart 


2 responses to “322. Fred Astereo – “I Love You”

  1. I love it! I’ve never heard them in my life but this is something great. I love bands which are just openly old-school. The way they mix genres is amazing! Thanks for that!

  2. Do you have Tlot Tlot’s second album “Fashion Takes a Holiday”? I’ve been looking for it a very long time but haven’t found it yet.

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