Daily Archives: May 31, 2010


And thus we close out the letter F, and check out the final Top 10 from said sixth letter in our aural adventure:

  1. The Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”
  2. Fishbone – “The Reality of My Surroundings”
  3. Roosevelt Franklin – “The Year of Roosevelt Franklin/My Name is Roosevelt Franklin”
  4. Florence and the Machine – “Lungs”
  5. Aretha Franklin – “The Very Best of Aretha Franklin”
  6. Fred Astereo – “I Love You”
  7. The Fauves – “Future Spa”
  8. Liz Flynn – “Stitches”
  9. Ibrahim Ferrer – “Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer”
  10. The Fauves – “Lazy Highways”

That may the biggest mish-mash of artists, genres and vintages yet. Let’s see what the month of June and the letter G have to offer…

324. Funkadelic – “Ultimate Funkadelic”

The complex world of George Clinton’s P-Funk collective can be tricky to delineate. I own more from the Parliament side of the coin than from Funkadelic, but have always struggled to distinguish the real difference between the two entities.

This here is one of many greatest hits collections from these funk icons. It contains some of the greatest recorded sounds you will ever here.  These guys took what James Brown was doing (and many of his band members) and added an absurdity and lack of restraint he was never quite willing to embrace.

The basslines are contagious, the vocals primal (and regularly silly).  How can you resist grooves (and stage garb) like this?:

Freak of the Week, One Nation…, and the astounding Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock? make this album (or any album with said tracks a ‘must own’).

The rest of the album doesn’t ever hit those heights (although it is fun to play ‘spot the sample’). The adventures into psychedelia have never quite grabbed me. I thus play my Parliament collections much more regularly.

I do wish I’d been there for their 1970s live extravaganzas however.

File under: Get some funk in your trunk