327. GB3 – “Circlework”

A massively under-rated and under-appreciated act from the Aussie music scene of the 1990s were the Underground Lovers.   

Their output of poppy electronica should have made them as huge as Portishead or at least some of those Madchester fly-by-niters so beloved by MNE. But, alas, it never quite came together for them recognition-wise.

GB3 is/was billed as a side-project (of sorts) from the Undies, but apart from losing the male vocal resources of Vince Giarrusso, there isn’t that much to distinguish this release from their main body of work. 

The GB in the name reflects that this mainly the work of Glenn Bennie.  He is the more electro-oriented of the Undies and it means every second track or so on here is principally a soundscape, typically built around some rising and cascading beep-track (well, that’s what I call them).

Thankfully, he breaks these up with fantastic poppy, guitar-embracing, drum-machine-driven songs that deserve to be heard widely.  Wake Up features the much-missed vocal stylings of fellow ULer Philippa Nhill and is luscious, catchy and wonderful.  Nhill pops up again and again with her ethereal voice so well suited to these genres.

This has been ideal working from home music today.

File under: Good buy you’ll see 

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