Daily Archives: June 3, 2010

328. The Geraldine Fibbers – “What Part of Get Thee Gone Don’t You Understand?”

Much is made around the web of mondegreens (i.e. those instances where lyrics are misheard and missung). Less fuss is made of assumptions about who you’re listening to.

I’ve owned this album for more than a decade, and I’d always assumed the lead vocalist was a male with a rather whiney, high register voice. I was all prepared to post some massively insightful treatise on the curiousity of guys singing lyrics portraying a female’s story.

But listening to this album again today, I got to wondering about who these folks actually are/were. Well, blow me down, the lead singer is a woman:

It all makes a lot more sense now.

This album has always appealed to me as the perfect intersection of the punk aesthetic and country/folk music. The instrumentation is olde worlde, but with a strong emphasis on the dark and the unbalanced. And not with that overt outlaw stance or woe-is-me-love-done me wrong, but rather a gothic impending doom, living life close to the edge vibe.

It’s all highly listenable however, with cleverly constructed rants and wickedly weaved tales. This CD is actually a collection of their various EPs etc, so it is a little patchy and cover-version heavy, but the latter are all very well chosen. Their version of Jolene ranks among the top 3 in my collection.

File under: Get thee to a record store