329. Gerling – “Children of Telepathic Experiences”

Few bands can say the popularised a piece of clothing. For a few weeks back in 1998, Aussie trio Gerling made donning a black backpack/schoolbag sort of hip and groovy.

OK, so it’s not the biggest claim to fame, but it’s better than nothing.

These guys were big JJJ faves off the back of a couple of well-constructed singles – Death to the Apple Gerls (sic) and Enter, Space Capsule.

The sound is crossover indie guitar with sample-heavy electronic backing and a mix of drum machine and live drums. Don’t think EMF. If anything it’s a little closer to my discussion topic of the week – the Underground Lovers – especially when they jangle the guitars.

The comparisons to compatriots (in space and time) the Avalanches are also pretty justified (especially on opener Last Traveller). Gerling don’t quite get the creativity marks, but I must say I always found them more engaging and interesting live.

The biggest problem I have with this album is that there is a lot of pseudo-ambient filler in between the aforementioned rockers (and the nicely monikered Craft Werked and Bachelor Pad). This would have been a much better EP than album:

File under: My medium says expel the ballast

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