Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

330. Gerling – “When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun”

It’s been many a year since I’ve waved my hands in the air and “danced” as only an uncoordinated white man can in anything resembling a nightclub.

I was well past such behaviour even when this album was released.

Thus I was was unaware the Gerling lads had a club hit with the Dust Me Selecta track on here:

Nor can I identify the diva on said anthem. I am familiar with pop princess Kylie on a later tune which I presume got some more honed derierres a-shaking.

The boys definitely embraced a more Big Beat sound for this one. The guitars have pretty much been abandoned.

It’s less my cup of tea, and doesn’t hit any great heights. It was a passable soundtrack to my wander down to a pub after work yesterday for Friday night drinks. It has failed to uplift this Saturday morn.

File under: Lacking shock and awe