331. Gersey – “Hope Springs”

I went to a fantastic wine dinner on Friday hosted by the wise Rob Gibson of Gibson Wines.

 He made the sagelike comment that sometimes a wine has no words to describe it. It just tastes great.

That’s my feeling about both this album and the experience of seeing Gersey play these songs live.

The shoegazer movement of the early 90s has been justifiably pilloried as tiresome and self-indulgent.  While Gersey embrace the sound of this genre, they have never bored me (or their appreciative fanbase, who turned out in droves a couple of months back when these guys played a rare gig supporting Pavement).

This debut effort is a true classic.  It is epic in its grandeur, yet intimate in its feel.  It works beautifully as a late night, in bed listen, yet benefits from being played very, very loud also.

The songs soar as they build around overlaying guitar threads, heavy and steady rhythms and confident, understated, slightly plaintive vocals:

I have loved this album since the first day I spun it, and it envelopes me each and every time I throw it on.  I crave hearing and seeing these guys again some day soon.

File under: Bound to impress

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