Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

332. Gersey – “Storms Dressed As Stars”

My adoration for Gersey’s debut has not lead to me playing their follow ups anywhere near as often.

It’s been sheer laziness on my part. Spending a day with this album today, I’m impressed, but not to the extent of yesterday’s aural feast.

The Gersey boys (teeheehee) bang out some impressive, confident tunes on here.

The sound is more understated, however.  They embrace keys and strings on a number of the tracks.  The vocals are more upfront in the mix and the lyrics are thus more prominent: 

The waves of guitars and supporting rhythms which were so prominent on the debut are tamer (perhaps more like ripples). It renders this album more afternoonish, and thus less versatile.  The lulls reduce the impact of the album somewhat, as momentum gets lost. 

I know I’m being too negative on this album.  Outside of its context, it is a gorgeous, consummate composition that’ll be playing a lot more often now.

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