Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

333. Gersey – “No Satellites”

As I mentioned in my earlier review, I saw Gersey playing support for Pavement a few months back.

They were in awe-inspiring form, belting out a rousing set of swirling, loud, consistent and epic songs. 

What is odd is that the soundscapes I recall evoked so completely the vibe of their debut and not that of their later releases. It’s peculiar because there was a clear evolution in the band’s sound, yet they have chosen to revert back.

The shift between albums #1 and 2 continued with this their 3rd release.  The vocals have been pushed forward even more, the guitars retreat:

The drum sound is where it loses a little of its oomph.  It has got a little too predictable, and the cymbals work is overdone. Craig Jackson’s voice doesn’t do it for me as much as it has in the past.  The mix really does him no favours, highlight the frailty of his range.

So, it would seem the lads were on to something in revisiting their finest aural moments as an umbrella approach. Shoegazing never sounded better.

File under: Only for foot fetishists