334. Glide – “Open up and Croon”

It’s easy to overlook the enormous changes to the music scene wrought by the ubiquity of the world wide intertubes.

Back in the mid 1990s (and even earlier than that!) a band from outside the core US-Brit market with a great sound, live chops etc still struggled to make any headway in said markets without winning over the finicky Brit music press, major label support (or catching the eye of the few influential indie moguls), lengthy roadtrips crisscrossing the US, relocating to either country and/or blind luck.

I raise this because I find it hard to believe a band like Sydney’s Glide would so easily slip through the cracks nowadays.

They prowl around this CD like the floppy haired Brit-pop lookalikes I remember from numerous adulatory street press stories from the time.  They are in the same broad shoegazer genre that Gersey get lumped in, but this is more high energy and poppy stuff.  If anything it resembles the sound of House of Love or even early Oasis.

This debut should have been lauded by NME and these guys should have ended up on the main stage at Glastonbury swaying their moptops and jangling their guitars.

File under: Soaring singing

2 responses to “334. Glide – “Open up and Croon”

  1. It’s so hard to find Glide albums around these days. Not sure if I should spread piracy, but this blog post seems to have download links for anyone who wants them:

  2. Everything Glide released was excellent, but I always come back to this album. This is Glide at their heaviest and William’s best songwriting. Glad to see the reissues on itunes, it would be really cool to have some unreleased material like the demos that Jason Kingshott apparently is in possession of.

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