Daily Archives: June 10, 2010

336. Glide – “Disappear Here”

Returning to the jangly world of G-Oz-Guitar, we dive into the second album from Sydney-siders Glide.

This is a slightly more upbeat effort from the lads.  Much of the recipe is the same however . So, we’ve got tom-heavy drums, rhythm guitar sweeps washing over plaintive but poppy-ish vocals.

The album is actually best when the pace slows a little and the vocals push forward in the mix.  William Arthur’s voice works well when it peaks and troughs in counterpoint to the crashing drum.

Here’s a thoroughly uninteresting visual capture of the strongest song on this album:

Ripped and Stripped is similarly structured with what I would call power rhyming (for I feel like coining almost meaningless phrases today) on the verses.

I am thoroughly enjoying the “-15 years or so” setting on the time machine these Glide albums represent.  The world seems an exciting place (if somewhat more Anglophile). I feel a little excited by the rise of Cool Brittania and jealous of Sydney’s vibrant music scene!! (what naïve days they were!).

File under: Sightly (I presume that is the antonym of “unsightly”)