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338. Glide – “Shrink Wrapped Real Thing”

And thus we return to the third and sadly final instalment in the Glide series.

I say ‘sadly final’, as the major creative force behind the band, William Arthus passed away in 1999.

He left behind an impressive legacy, and this album is the best of the lot. It is the most confident (it’s borderline sassy!!) set, with the indie Britpop jangle sound.

This is the album you’d get if you crossed Oasis, James and the Jesus and Mary Chain, and then toned down the pretension.

Have a listen to Thin-faced Man and tell me a Gallagher wouldn’t have nailed this on Top of The Pops:

Interestingly this album is mainly a patching together of the tracks from EPs (including the one above) that predate the band’s first album, plus four newies. I don’t have the CD cover at hand, so I can’t discern if (a) they were re-recorded, or (b) which are the newbies. It certainly seems the band hit their stride early.

I remain astounded that this material didn’t lead the band to fame and fortune, and that I didn’t find myself shaking and shimmying to some of these tracks at the Lizard Lounge back in the day.

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